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Prete is currently an Instructional Assistant Professor at Illinois State University where he teaches acting, directing and lectures about theatre. Since 2005, he has taught acting, directing and writing courses and workshops at over twenty different universities as well as public and private classes, including Studio A.C.T. and the New School in NYC where he developed a course for the MFA writing students called "The Art of Public Readings." He's also taught at elementary and high schools, as well as a writing workshop at the Mark H. Luttrell Correctional Center, Memphis, TN.

Prete founded "The Plastiques Project," which offers workshops

based on the physical work of Jerzy Grotowski called plastiques.

The work is used to help actors create a relationship to their

impulsive bodies and voices.

As an advocate for bystander empowerment, Prete lectures about

consent, professionalism, and non-violent communication to students

and other groups.

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