"Three Thursdays in the Bronx"

IN A SOUTHWEST neighborhood of the Bronx at 2:45 on a Thursday, 1962, a group of Catholic high school girls walk down Bainbridge Avenue wearing maroon jackets over white shirts, with red and yellow plaid skirts reaching below their bare knees. Tights aren’t allowed. They hold their books to their chests, giggle a lot, and […]

Originally published in: Narrative Magazine (Story of the Week)
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"Notes on How To Live in New York"

When your family questions your sanity, you’ll say moving here is about needing to live and work beside other artists, which even to you may sound like bullshit. Move anyway and allow a reason to come. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t buy pizza in places that also sell falafel. Let people off the subway before getting […]

Originally published in: TheViewFromHere
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