Praise for August and Then Some


“An accomplished actor, Prete writes electrifying dialogue, and his galvanizing descriptions are poetic and mettlesome. Subtly mythic, grimly funny, and profoundly dramatic, Prete’s tale of young survivors blazes.”


“The dialogue crackles like a plastic bottle underfoot while the pace never slows. A disturbing novel offering a mixture of hope and despair, vileness and nobility.”
-Kirkus Reviews


“In Prete’s writing dialogue and metaphor are energetically engaged, mixing sparring wit, sombre sorrow…”
– The Guardian UK


“The electrifying August And Then Some by David Prete weaves a raw and tantalising tale of revenge and repentance, played out when a Pandora’s box of family secrets implodes. Random author fact: Prete is the exboyfriend of Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote Eat, Pray, Love (he’s played by James Franco in the film).”
– Herald Scotland


“David Prete’s first novel is… impeccably crafted, switching timelines and narratives seamlessly.  There’s also wit, insight and some truly lovely wiling that, along with a heartbreaking final act, will prick your eyes with tears.”
– Metro Edinburgh


“A heartbreaking read. So successful is [Prete’s] description of life that my heart would beat faster, my hand would cover my mouth in shock and I had to make concerted efforts to forget about him whenever I put the book down! The plot is gripping. It is excellently revealed by jumping from the present to the past. August And Then Some is uncomfortable to read but brilliantly written.”
– The View From Here, UK


“Prete’s portrayal of an adolescent inexorably scarred by secrets and lies, revenge and its consequences is beautifully done.”
– Recommended by Sarah, Bay Tree Books